Bridal preparations are one of the highlights of your wedding and are a great start to get some cracking Bridal wedding photography. It is a time to crack open the champers and have some fun with your girls and of course at the same time getting yourself game ready for the most important part. Marrying your soul mate!

As an Essex wedding photographer, I have lost count how many bridal mornings I have photographed and they are some of the best times to photograph at a wedding, but they can also be super hectic and totally time-sensitive by nature too.

I have seen far too many bridal parties get totally lost in the moment of time and the things that should never be rushed, always are and this becomes so problematic for many reasons. Things such as Bridal Portraits, The father and bride reveal moment and things like putting on the dress become a sprint race of epic size proportions! Think like the turtle and not the Hare.

how to get the best photography for your morning prep

The best bridal wedding photography happens when it is planned & executed with precision and that all starts in the morning when you first meet your Make up artist and Hairstylists. Read on to see some of the best tips I know to ensure everything runs like clockwork on the morning of your wedding day!

do your research!

I said above that this process starts right when you choose your make up artist and hairstylist. When you are doing your research, be sure to ask them about their efficiency and stress the importance of time. It is imperative that any good MUA or Hair Stylists should be well versed in completing your make up in plenty of time spare, so you have lot’s of it leftover to do the things like getting in the dress, seeing Dad and your important bridal portraits without running over your time.

If you are having quite a few bridesmaids that all need makeup too, then think of it this way? Let’s say you have 4 bridesmaids plus the bride, then each hair and makeup is going to take approx 1 hour for both hair and makeup. Don’t believe me? Take a look over this article on the Knot.

You need to ensure that you have at least two each of MUA’s and Hair to ensure you are done with plenty of time to spare! If possible, see if you can be done first and if need be have a touch up a little later in the morning if you need it. In my opinion, A professional make up artist or hairstylist will advise what you need and just for reassurance? My best bridal mornings have been where the MUA’s & Hairstylists are super professional and efficient. Don’t cheap out in this dept ladies, it really is not worth it!

a clean job is a happy job

I get it I really do! When you are preoccupied with making sure you are done on time and the minute hand on the clock is going as fast as the seconds hand, then it is so much easier to just chuck your hairdryer on the bed or leave the uneaten croissants on the side and your clothes on the floor, underwear on the back of the chair and pretty much before you know it that beautiful bridal suite has just become a mess! I have a good old chuckle to myself and always have banter with the Groomsmen, because from my experience, the guys are so much more cleaner!!

When you have time on your side because you have made yourself super-efficient, then it’s so much easier to clean as you go. If you are battling for time, then get your Maid of honour to keep track of the mess and keep it clean. Trust me when I say this, your photographs will thank you for it!

layout your dress & accessories

This part is super easy and wedding photographers will thank you so much for this! Having your wedding dress, shoes, perfume, jewelry, etc all ready for when the wedding photographer shows up is a killer tip. It saves both myself and brides time trying to dig it all out from the multitude of places you have hidden it.

Having all the accessories ready allows wedding photographers time to plan where the best place to photograph these would be and of course makes it much quicker to get these done.

A good thing to remember if you can is to ask your florist if they can bring a bag of cuttings from your wedding flowers with them as these really do help bring the colours of your wedding together nicely! Also if you have a spare invitation, bring that too, as it is always nice to bring into your detail images too!

allow time to open gifts from the groom

A lot of thoughtful couples always send a gift and a card to their partner to be opened on their wedding day & it is a moment that creates a lot of emotion and tears too. As a wedding photographer, I seize upon these moments like a Lion stalking their prey (I don’t bite of course).

These are moments that you want capturing and so take the time to sit around with your girlfriends and Mum and read the words of the card out loud and show off your Tiffany jewels or that Michael Kors Wonderlust Perfume. When your other half sees just how much you loved your gift and card, it will bring a beaming smile to them!

All the Time in the world

Some of the most iconic wedding images are the ones where Dad gets to see his little Princess ready, and boy does it get emotional! If time is on your side and we hope it is, then seeing Dad is a moment you will cherish. A lot of Dad’s, for a few moments, allow themselves to be caught up in the emotion of it and it is truly one of life’s most beautiful moments!

Having ample time also allows for the intimate moment where Mum will dress her little girl one last time and once again, these are often filled with moments of emotion too.

Lastly, there is, of course, that time where it’s just you and me, and we get to spend some time getting beautiful images of just you. You’re soon to be Husband or partner will see you at your full elegance and beauty here, so having this time together is priceless!

Follow these tips and your Morning bridal preparations will be a breeze – remember ladies, time is your enemy on your wedding day, so maximise all of it by being savvy – remember forewarned is forearmed. Enjoy your morning bridal preparations with your best mates and give yourself less stress!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who knows how to get the best out of your wedding? Feel free to get in contact with me.