Wedding cake by crumbs creations - questions to ask your wedding cake maker

Top questions to ask your wedding cake maker

Choosing your wedding cake is probably not at the top of the most stressful things about wedding planning, however, as with all things weddings, there are plenty of questions you will need to ask before you commit to your wedding cake maker.

Crumbs to creations

I’ve seen a lot in the wedding industry and have a keen eye for wedding cakes (especially fruit ones), but I’ve never made one, so I thought I’d bring in someone with far more industry expertise than most, who is not only one of the nicest people you’re likely to meet but also an industry expert in the fine art of making absolutely stunning wedding cakes! Meet Sam from crumbs to creations. Sam is an Essex based wedding cake maker & has had her work shown by ITV, The Sun & Daily Mail, so you are in good hands. Check out some of her work in the links & email below.

Wedding cake

Believe it or not, there is a lot to consider when choosing your wedding cake maker, so I’d recommend making a note of these questions & ask your potential wedding cake makers some of the more important ones.

the general ones

1. What Cake Supplier Should I Choose?

You will be spoilt for choice for cake makers as there are so many out there but most will have their own particular style of design so your venue’s recommended suppliers would be a good place to start, stalk their Instagram, search their website to look at their standard of work & see if it all aligns with the vision you have for your big day.

2. Are You Available On My Wedding Date?

This one makes sense & easily the top important question you need to ask your wedding cake supplier. No point totally falling in love with a wedding cake maker’s work, only to find out they’re booked already. On average many couples start their planning 18months in advance so research suppliers & secure your date with them asap to avoid disappointment, you don’t need to know design details straight away these can be discussed at a later stage.

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3. Food Registered And Food Hygiene Rating

I personally think that it’s a given, that any professional business dealing with food will have a food hygiene certificate & won’t mind showing you this upon request. Being registered means their workspace has been inspected by their local council, they have cleaning schedules in place & have had training in hygiene & an understanding of food allergies which can be very harmful. Many venues also require suppliers to have a certain level of insurance so it is worth checking your venues requirements & if your supplier meets this too. It’s a sign that they are professional & therefore will give you confidence that they take their work seriously enough.

4. How Long Have They Been Established?

Although how long a wedding cake company has been trading for is not an indication of their skill, knowing that they have a few years of experience behind them can ease your mind somewhat. They would have faced a lot of hurdles and have the knowhow & expertise to overcome them. Things like how to stop extreme heat ruining your cake, how to correctly stack multiple tiers and things such as guests with allergies.

5. Have They Made A Lot Of Cakes?

How many wedding cakes a particular cake maker has made doesn’t necessarily provide an indication that there work is better than someone who has been in business for less, though businesses in any industry don’t often last long if their product is substandard, so if they have made a lot of cakes, especially wedding ones, then you’ll have a better idea of how good they are. Word of mouth from past clients is the best recommendation a supplier could ask for so check out their client reviews too.

6. Is Their Cake Portfolio Their Work?

Might sound like a silly question, however, wedding suppliers will no doubt have a portfolio on their website showcasing their work, though it’s wise to ask the question if the cakes they show in their images is their work. Many wedding cake makers & other suppliers will share examples of other peoples work with you as inspiration to show what they can create & not what they have actually done themselves but they should not advertise them as their own.

The cake itself

7. I Don’t Know What Design I want?

You don’t need to decide on the design before you contact your supplier, they are the creative one so let them help you with this. Don’t be surprised if they don’t replicate a design you have picked from Pinterest, if you want a truly bespoke design they will use it as inspiration & work closely with you create something just for you, this is part of the service you pay them for.

8. What About Portions?

Your supplier will be able to work out the right size tiers for your needs using a percentage of your total guests. Not everyone will eat cake & especially if you have fed your guests well in the day they may not feel hungry to eat the evening buffet. Typically a dessert portion is double the size of a buffet portion so can dramatically change the size required & needs to be accurate so no one misses out on the course!

9. Should I Have A Big Cake?

The size will firstly begin with how many guests you will be expecting at your wedding, your cake maker will advise here. If you like the look of a big cake but don’t need all real cake to feed the number of guests you have to ask your cake maker if they can add fake tiers to your design. Bear in mind with this that although there wouldn’t be actual baking involved for them, the price tag still includes the intricacy of decoration on the outside which would still be needed.

10. Can You Sample The Cake?

Wedding cakes should taste as good as they look & some are just too good to eat! It is, however, important to make sure you like the taste though isn’t it? Most cake suppliers offer a samples box for you to try some of their flavours for a small charge & some will then deduct this from your balance should you decide to go forward with your booking (essentially free cake!).

11. What Flavours Can I Have?

Not one flavour will suit all so why not have a different flavour for each tier & please everyone?! Ask your cake supplier to see their menu & what their most requested flavours are, it’s your cake so you should enjoy them as well but classics such as lemon, chocolate & vanilla always go down well so there is less likely to be lots of left overs.

12. How will my cake be displayed?

After putting so much time into designing, tasting & paying for your cake it should be the centrepiece, not hidden in a dark corner where no one will see it. A cake stand is like a pair of heels for a cake & gives it extra height, stacked wooden crates match a rustic barn style wedding or an antique dresser for a vintage style wedding, the possibilities that tie in with your wedding style & venue are endless. Many cake suppliers do offer a small selection of stands to hire but also ask your cake maker or venue if they can recommended a supplier of props who may have a wider selection to choose from to show off your cake at it’s best.

13. Can I Have Fresh Flowers To Decorate My Cake?

Yes, you can & they are beautiful on a wedding cake! Many cake suppliers suggest you order fresh flowers with your florist so they match your wedding flowers perfectly. They will happily liaise with your florist to discuss the size of the cake & look you want to achieve so they can work out the amount you will need to order. Your cake supplier will usually be the one to tape, wire & arrange them on your cake as part of the setup service.

14. How Much Will My Cake Cost?

Every cake maker has a different price point based on their skill set & experience so knowing a starting guide price helps but unless you choose your cake ‘off the shelf’ from a set selection all cakes will be priced individually. I promise we aren’t being difficult not giving exact quotes upon the first contact, be open about your budget with your supplier & let them suggest design ideas that fits your style & price bracket, this is part of their service. Features such as sugar flowers will be at the higher end of the price scale but alternatives could be silk flowers or fresh so ask your supplier for suggestions to make your budget work for you.

15. Will My Cake Be Delivered & Set Up For Me?

Most cake suppliers will include delivery & set up of your cake at your venue as a part of their service but double-check. You don’t want to be stressed the day before or morning of your wedding trying to bribe a family member or friend to do it for you! Your cake maker will be experienced in handling many cakes & will be the best person for the job, they will liaise with your venue to arrange timings for delivery.

I hope you enjoyed these top questions to ask your wedding cake maker!

Many thanks to Sam at Crumbs to Creations for her help & expertise! I hope it has given an insight into booking the wedding cake maker for you. Why not check out the 5 best tips for bridal preparations article, where I discuss how to get the most out of your morning bridal preparations.