it’s all about me…Na just kidding!

find out more about what makes me tick & what I love about weddings!

Hey, I’m Tel & I’ve made a Career out of being plastered & shooting people!

Wow, that title sure grabs your attention, doesn’t it? Well, let me take a moment to explain myself and put your mind at ease, so you won’t be tempted to scroll past and find another wedding photographer. Just to clarify, my expertise lies in capturing beautiful moments with my trusty cameras. So when I say “shooting,” I mean it in the context of photographing people, particularly couples. Hopefully, by now you’ve realised that I’m not some sort of hitman! Sorry for the dark humor moment there, I didn’t mean to scare you.

I did actually get plastered every day though…but

It wasn’t that I frequented all the locals, it was what I was before I became a wedding photographer. I was actually a plasterer. I can almost see the puzzled look on your face right now. I bet you’re thinking, “Well, that’s quite the career change!” Trust me, I get asked that question at every wedding when the conversation comes up. It’s true, my path has been a bit unconventional.

While I’ve always had a knack for working with my hands, there was always this deep passion for the captivating art of photography inside me. It all started when I was just a curious 12-year-old, fascinated by the world of motorsport. And then, with the help of my dad, who shared my love for speed and the art of capturing it, photography became an integral part of my life. and boom here I am now capturing tales of love, fun & awesome couples.

nothing beats human emotion. being able to capture the raw emotion of one of the most Important days in a couples life together is like winning that golden ticket for willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory…That was the best I could come up with, but hey, who doesn’t love Chocolate, right?

I’m a lighthearted family guy!

You might have noticed that I don’t really take myself too seriously in life. apart from being a bit of a joker, I’m a father to my three amazing kids and a husband to my incredible wife, Hayley. Let me tell you, she’s had more jumpscares pulled on her than you can imagine—think of all the Friday the 13th movies combined! And of course, I’m absolutely smitten with our energetic French Bulldog, Fin, and our mellow yellow Cockapoo, Rhemy.

There is something I take incredibly seriously though, and that’s wedding photography. It’s not merely a profession to me; it’s a chance to create treasured memories for couples. Being a devoted photographer holds immense significance in my life. Rest assured, you’ll still experience my contagious sense of humor, but along with that, you’ll receive stunning photos that truly capture your essence and personality.

Here’s a few bullet points about me

If you agree with any of them, we’ll get along fine!

  • Enjoying quality time with my family (Although I’m hesitant to inquire if the feeling is reciprocated)
  • During my previous career, I resided in Germany, working as a skilled machine plasterer (I became fluent in the local language – I even knew how to order beer)
  • A passionate enthusiast of Game of Thrones (My guilty pleasure – eagerly awaiting the Blu-ray box set, in case my wife is reading this – wink, wink)
  • A devoted admirer of Valentino Rossi (Undoubtedly the greatest talent on two wheels)
  • A lifelong supporter of Spurs (Our trophy cabinet has accumulated quite a layer of dust)
  • Fond of Turkey, particularly the Antalya region (The hotels at Lara beach are absolutely incredible)
  • Embracing leisurely days (Ahem, if my wife reads this, I actually meant productive cleaning days)
  • Indulging in the perfect pairing of Baileys & Beer (I have a penchant for things in twos – my OCD insists on it)
  • My beloved Converse shoes (Incredibly comfortable and still stylish, even for a gentleman in his 40s)
  • A fan of legendary music acts such as Queen, R.E.M, Nirvana, Pink Floyd (just to mention a few)
  • Delighting in singing (although my wife might claim she’d rather step on Lego bricks than listen to my vocal attempts)
  • Playfully surprising my wife with jump scares (One time, I hid in bed wearing the iconic scream mask – the look on her face when she pulled back the duvet… absolutely priceless)

what about you?

While I enjoy sharing about myself, what truly excites me is listening to others, especially couples planning their wedding. If you’re searching for a wedding photographer who brings a touch of craziness and awesomeness, someone who can capture both the fun and stunning moments of your special day, then I’d be thrilled to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to click the button below if you want to learn more about securing your wedding photography with me.