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I’d be telling lies if I said I’d always harboured ambitions to become a wedding photographer, or even photography at all for that matter! Truth be told I’d always wanted to be a racing driver – that was the delusional 8 year old who started racing in go-karts way of thinking.

It was, however, motorsport that got me into photography though, courtesy of my dad. Weddings came about through my interaction with cameras & people. It kind of just happened, and being honest, it was the best thing that happened to me, apart from my kids & my wife of course! It gives me a real kick of self worth delivering couples memories for them.

we all live for something or someone

One of the primary reasons that I started as a wedding photographer was understanding the values and virtues of memories. Our own wedding photos were, in the kindest possible way, pretty bad! They truly were our biggest regret we have about our wedding day, and they still sit on a cd somewhere! I made a promise to myself when I first started doing weddings was to give my couples the very best of me, the very best wedding photography!

Family life is so important to me, my kids are my legacy, and they have given me & my wife so many memories that we have documented through their lives. Your wedding also serves as the foundation of images & memories that’ll provide smiles for generations to come.

Terry is an absolutely brilliant photographer and an all round top bloke!

my wedding photography style & approach

My wedding photography style, from taking the images, to editing the images follows a path of being natural, timeless & true to life. My style was designed & born based on my ethos in life. Everything should be transparent, there should be no gimmicks, just raw & truthful moments that bring the emotion of a wedding to the forefront. There is some direction given to my couples, but it is led with a natural feel.

When you seek solace in the memories of happier moments, I aspire to capture photographs that fill you with pride and warmth. I aim to create authentic images that truly reflect your essence, free from any gimmicks or regrets—simply encapsulating you and your unique love story.


Firstly, you can drop me a message and check my availability, or visit this page for a step by step process. It really is as easy as 1,2,3. A non-refundable booking fee of £300 is required to book your date though.

Being totally honest here, I do take group/family images, however, my style is focused on your wedding day unfolding naturally, and honestly I hope that’s what brought you here in the first place? I have a stress-free approach to group shots and you can read it about my approach on this page.

Oh absolutely! My wedding photography style is story driven, and you’re wedding details are part of your story and personality, so you can be sure that I’ll spend a fair amount of time capturing all the intricate details that form part of your day.

That’s a good question! Whilst I never insist on having a second photographer, having one can most definitely enhance your wedding memories. you’ll have more images captured, more candid moments of guests, and more angles of the two of you, but above all you’ll have full coverage of your partner getting ready too, and that adds & creates an extra element to your wedding day story. you can find out more by visiting my prices & packages page. NB – for weddings over 100 guests, I normally suggest booking one if capturing all of your guests is important to you.

I don’t offer videography myself personally, I’m much more invested in photography. I do however work in partnership with Sam Wilkinson films. Sam is an absolutely fantastic wedding videographer, and equally brilliant guy too. you can see some of Sam’s work on my dedicated wedding videography page.

I am insured, and fully covered to capture weddings at all wedding venues. Please reach out and I’ll gladly provide a copy of my insurance documents for your wedding venue.

All of my couples receive full access to their own personal gallery to view, download & share all their images, both in high resolution & social media ‘friendly’ size too. Galleries are open for a year, with no restriction on how many times you can download. You’ll receive a sneak peek within 24-48 hours of your wedding day via your gallery and social media.

You presumed correctly! On any given wedding I have a back up for just about everything. I carry 3 camera bodies, 6 lenses, and multiple flash lights. Even down to your images, as I have dual sd card slots for redundancy. Every single image I take is backed up to 3 location’s before I’ve even left a wedding.

I’m typically in good health, and touch wood, so far I haven’t missed one single wedding due to being ill. Of course it goes without saying that the situation could arise, so at the very least a full refund will be given, not including any pre-wedding shoots that I’ve already done. With that said I work very closely with some wonderful associate shooters, who in the event of something preventing me from attending, will be ready to fill my shoes for the day. All of this will be done openly with constant communication with yourselves.

Exploring a venue before the shoot isn’t a standard practice for me, even when it’s a new location. Although a visit can spark creative inspiration, factors such as season, weather, and lighting often confine the relevance of these ideas to the day of the visit. Prior to every wedding, I diligently research, and when coupled with your insights, it equips me with the essential preparation for the event.

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