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Terry from lily and white

I’m a photography mad, football-loving, obsessive Netflix junkie, lover of all things motorsport and more importantly & besides all of that, totally besotted with my family- there are no lengths I’d go to spend time with my beautiful wife & my super & crazy kids. I’m also totally hooked on our top dog – Rhemy. He is a 5-year-old Cockerpoo & one of my best mates x.

I’ve been into cameras and all things photography since I was like 12 – It was my Dads love and one which became mine, after travelling all over Europe following the Grand Prix circuits in the ’80s & ’90s. Now my soul purpose in life is creating moments as a wedding photographer (well actually, I mean ‘working’ life – not bad for a day job if I do say so).

“We’re really not into having our photo’s taken – it’s really not us!”

as said by just about everyone!

I don’t need to state the obvious here, but if I had a pound every time someone says they are not really into having their photo taken, then in true Only Fools & Horses style – I’d be a millionaire next year. The reality for me is that a lot of couples really do want stunning portraits of themselves looking their best on their wedding days and for me, It’s what my photography is aligned with – creating stylish and emotional portraits of couples in love. That isn’t to say, however, that there is no place for candid moments in my work – I sure as heck love capturing raw & natural moments that tell that scene, and part of any wedding is documenting those moments that you never knew existed.

my style of photography

vibrant, natural & stylish

My style of photography could be seen as somewhat of a contradiction – given that although I spend a lot of my time during a wedding creating stylish portraits with emotion, I also respect my couples input & more often than not a lot of my weddings demand a more hybrid approach.

What I mean by hybrid, is that you will no doubt want some formal portraits, such as family formals and couple portraits, though you may also want something a bit more natural, which is an inevitable part of any wedding.

Having the flexibility to achieve a style that suits the personality & desire of individual couples’ needs is something I feel adds value to an ever-changing society. In a nutshell, as much as I am a contemporary & styled wedding photographer, I’m also equally adept at a creating images where natural and candid is the only way.

the things i love

  • Spending time with my family (I mean who doesn’t)
  • Photography (that’s a given, right?)
  • Game Of Thrones (My fave of all time – house Stark)
  • Huge Valentino Rossi fan (The GOAT!)
  • Life long Spurs fan (Where Lily & white originated)
  • Turkey (The country, though the bird variety gets a look in on Christmas day)
  • Lazy days (Everyone needs these)
  • Baileys & Beer (not together though – yuck)
  • My Converse (I won’t wear them at weddings though)
  • Queen, R.E.M, Nirvana, Pink Floyd (to name but a few)
  • Singing – I love a good bit of singing (though some say I’m tone deaf)
  • Travel – done a fair bit of Europe in my younger days.
  • TBC (There will be more I’m sure)

Tell me all about your wedding plans

I’d love to hear from you!

Tell me about all of your wonderful wedding plans, whether you are looking for an Essex wedding photographer for your wedding in Essex. I’m based in Basildon, Essex, however, I love to travel, so even if your wedding is in another part of the UK or even an exciting destination wedding, I’d love to be there for you!