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“Unveiling the Magic: Your Wedding Story, Illuminated with Hilarious Moments & Awkward Dance Moves!”

Hey there, thanks for swinging by! My name’s Terry, but you can call me Tel. I’m a Wedding photographer based in Essex, but cover the UK, & I’m the proud owner and lead wedding photographer of Lily and White Photography, a labour of love that keeps me honest…Mostly!

You see, I’m not just your run-of-the-mill Essex wedding photographer. I’ve got a style that’s a delightful mishmash of all things marvellous. I aim to strike the perfect balance between capturing those genuine, spontaneous moments that make your heart skip a beat more than Olly Murs and orchestrating subtly directed couple portraits that bring out your unique love story. And hey, if you’re after some timeless family photos, I’ve got that covered too!

So, if you’re ready to embark on a photography journey filled with laughter, love, and a touch of chaos, I’m your guy. Let’s capture the beautiful moments together, one snapshot at a time!

how I approach weddings as a photographer

Ah, the world of wedding photographers! It seems like everyone’s claiming, “No awkward posing here!” or “I’m all about candid and documentary style!” or even “I won’t steal hours of your precious wedding day for a photo session.” If you’re looking for those kinds of photographers, let me know, and I’ll hook you up with one or two. But hey, that’s not exactly me… well, not entirely.

Here’s the deal: I’ll definitely direct you for some amazing couple moments, but don’t worry, I won’t whisk you away for a couple of hours like a wedding photo marathon. And those stiff family group shots? Yup, I’ll take them, but with a twist of fun to banish the boredom.

As a wedding photographer, I guide my couples toward emotional and natural moments. If I think you need to cozy up or strike a specific pose, consider it done. And of course, I’ll capture those candid, priceless moments throughout your day. I’m also all about delivering some jaw-dropping, frame-worthy shots too. Let’s make your walls jealous with some epic wedding memories!

award winning wedding photographer! Who’s a lucky boy then!?

You know, I’m not usually one to chase after shiny trophies as a photographer. I figure if couples keep hiring me and leaving stellar reviews, I must be doing something right! But the Hitched awards? Now, those are a different breed. They’re not some fancy panel of judges, but actual feedback from real couples who’ve witnessed my photography magic firsthand. Winning it two times in a row? Well, it’s not exactly a warm and fuzzy sensation, more like a “Hey, I’m onto something here!” kind of feeling. Maybe I’ll splurge on one of those plastic trophies to commemorate the occasion… Nah, just kidding!

let’s talk about the elephant in the room…money – how much do i charge?

Alright, let’s get down to the business end because we all know money makes the world go round. When it comes to booking your wedding photographer, prices can either be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. But hey, if you’re head over heels in love with me and my work, money becomes just a trivial detail. Totally understandable because I have that irresistible effect on most couples (my humour has no boundaries, haha!). Anyway, I bet you’re curious about my pricing, so go ahead and click that button below to unveil all the juicy details. Let’s make your wallet and your heart happy!

Feel free to holla at me and let’s start a conversation!

So, if I’ve managed to impress you with my wedding photography skills (or at least make you giggle at my terrible humour just a little), then hopefully you’re ready to consider me as your wedding photographer! But hey, if you haven’t had a chance to stalk my portfolio yet, hop on over and witness the magic I create. Oh, and don’t forget to take a peek at the blog for some jaw-dropping moments captured from my awesome couples. And while you’re at it, make sure you swing by the prices page too, just to satisfy your curious wallet. Trust me, it’s all worth it!