Amie & Ty – Markshall Estate wedding

Amie & Ty’s Real and Radiant Markshall Estate Wedding


In the heart of Essex, Amie and Ty celebrated their love at the charming Markshall Estate in July 2022. As their wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the authentic moments that unfolded on that beautiful summer day.

Markshall Estate

A Beautiful Backdrop for Love: Nestled in the Essex countryside, Markshall Estate provided the perfect setting for Amie and Ty’s union. With its elegant and well-kept gardens, it was an ideal canvas for their special day.

A Summer Affair

July 2022 gifted Amie and Ty with warm sunlight and a gentle breeze, enhancing the romance in the air. Against the backdrop of Markshall Estate’s beauty, the couple’s love story unfolded in a dreamy atmosphere, creating lasting memories.

Capturing Genuine Emotions

As Amie and Ty’s wedding photographer, I aimed to capture not just moments but the real emotions that made their day extraordinary. From tender glances during the vows to joyous laughter during the celebration, each shot reflected the unique connection they share.


Amie and Ty’s wedding at Markshall Estate in Essex was a celebration of genuine love against the backdrop of one of Essex’s most beautiful venues. As their wedding photographer, I felt privileged to document their journey amidst the authentic beauty of Markshall Estate. The images captured that day are not just photographs but cherished memories, encapsulating the real love and joy of that magical summer day in July 2022.


Lead Photographer – Lily & White Photography

Associate Photographer – Dan Biggins Photography

Wedding Film – EMC Weddings

Venue – Markshall Estate

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